Homogenizer Services

Homogenizer Service

The high-pressure pump and homogenizer valves used to homogenize food products are a critical part of the food processing plant. They represent a large capital investment and are critical to the processing operation.

Things to know:

  • Each drive unit of the high-pressure pump part is individually fitted and assembled. The massive gears, bearings, shafts and drives, etc., are not apt to fail on sight; however, if failure does occur, the damage could be extensive and costly with a long down time.
  • Pump heads — massive casting forged to add strength and toughness — could develop cracks as a result of hydraulic shock and wear at valve seats and cylinders due to product abrasion.
  • Homogenizing valves are subject to wear and alignment.

As authorized homogenizer distributors, we offer:

  • Inspection and consultation
  • Recommendations to ensure proper operation
  • Precision service to determine the repair parts required
  • Disassembly and reassembly to restore factory standard of operation
  • Training of maintenance personnel to perform routine service and adjustment
  • Follow-up inspections and service

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