Pneumatic Double Seat

W70 Series Mix Proof


The W70 offers an economical solution to a wide variety of mix proof processing applications. Flow of two different media through the same valve simultaneously, without the potential for mixing, provides increased operating efficiencies and significant production cost savings.


  • 1.5” through 4” tube size
  • 150 p.s.i. product pressure rating
  • Sturdy, machined spherical bodies. One piece or two piece body construction available. 
  • Elongated center to face body dimensions for easy manifolding
  • Tee or cross configurations; “S” line, “I” line or butt-weld port connections
  • Tri-Ring FKM (Fluoroelastomer) or EPDM seats
  • Micro switches or proximity switches; with or without solenoid valve

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