Sani-Matic offers a wide variety of high-quality, sanitary angle-line and straight-line strainers.  Each strainer is manufactured and stocked in Madison, WI, allowing quick delivery.

Sani-Matic’s perforated or wedgewire inserts can be used interchangeably.  The perforated inserts require disposable filter socks or wire mesh overlays for fine filtration.  Wedgewire offers an effective and durable single piece insert in micron ratings equivalent to wire mesh.  Sani-Matic’s standard In-Line Strainers are 3-A approved when using the perforated insert.

Standard Features
- 316L stainless steel construction
- Five fitting sizes available
- Standard tri-clamp connections
- EPDM tri-clamp gaskets
- Perforated or wedgewire strainer inserts are interchangeable
- Sanitary finish (32Ra) – except wedgewire elements

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