Positive Displacement

Universal Twin Screw

The Universal Twin Screw pump is the latest positive displacement pumping technology from Waukesha Cherry-Burrell. View the Universal Twin Screw pump animation to learn all the benefits of our new pump offering.


  • Reliable performance - Screws made from Waukesha Alloy 88 non-galling material allow the pump to run through incidental contact and reduce risk of pump damage if screws make contact
  • Gentle product handling - Pumps large particulates without degradation
  • Responsive service - Extensive global distribution network with certified repair centers provide quick response times for parts and service
  • Easy maintenance - Front loaded access to product side seals
  • Process flexibility - Low inlet pressure requirement and a wide range of operating speeds allow for multiple duties including process and CIP supply.  Bi-directional flow capability without making modifications to the pump.
  • Smooth operation - Reduces slip pulse in low inlet pressure, low viscosity, and high pressure conditions
  • Reduced noise levels - Operating principle virtually eliminates pressure fluctuations
Photo courtesy of SPX Corporation
Photo courtesy of SPX Corporation

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