Waukesha/SPX 200 Series


Waukesha Cherry-Burrell offers three single stage and one multistage high-pressure 200 Series centrifugal pump models. Designed for use in membrane filtration systems (reverse osmosis and ultra filtration), they can accommodate high system pressure inlet conditions to 1000 PSI producing a smooth, pulse-free high discharge pressure for reduced membrane wear and increased product quality.


  • Sanitary design for food and dairy processing service.
  • Strong cast iron bearing frames, that provide support for the pump independent of the motor.
  • Coupling alignment is assured by motor flange adapter resulting in longer pump life by reducing coupling wear, bearing loads and improving shaft seal performance.
  • Large bearings with non-wearing labyrinth seals for longer life; low maintenance.
  • Balanced double mechanical shaft seals that are the same size as used on all 200 series pumps; reducing inventory costs.
  • Mounted on heavy plate steel bases with adjustable sanitary legs.

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