Air-Operated Diaphragm

Graco 3150HS

The ease of disassembly of the fluid ends, large porting, and high flow capacity, makes the SaniForce 3150 HS pump perfect for your high volume application needs.

The SaniForce 3150 HS double diaphragm pump is designed for applications that benefit from the convenience of quick knockdown design, but may not require leak detection.

-Passes solids up to 1 in (25 mm) in diameter.
-Easily converted in to a 3150 sanitary flapper pump with optional kit
-Stainless steel wetted and fluid center sections
-Features Graco’s durable, lube-free non-sticking air valve

-Fruit juice
-Jams and jellies
-Corn syrup
-Tomato sauces
-Flowable cheese spreads

-Evacuation of food process mixing kettles
-Repackaging of fluids from original container to smaller receptacles
-Transferring from original containers to mixing tanks
-High volume evacuation of liquid concentrates from shipping tankers to holding vessels

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