Drum/Bin Unloaders

Murzan KUS-50

The Murzan KUS-50 has become the cleanest solution for emptying contoured high shear mixing bowls, primarily in the bakery industry.  The unit provides sanitary, hands on solution for transferring products such as batters, icings, and fillings that may contain delicate solids.
A clear advantage of the KUS-50 is that the products are pumped with practically no change in its consistency and/or density.  The aerated products are not even a challenge for this unit also.
The Murzan KUS-50 can be used to feed multiple depositors from one location.  This unit is portable and can be cleaned-in-place.  The follower plate can be custom made for different shape containers.  The unit is also built in 100% Stainless steel, with all its electro-pneumatic controls contained in a NEMA 4X panel.

-High Viscous Product



CIP Capable; Customizable

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