Drum/Bin Unloaders

Graco 6:1

The SaniForce 6:1 Sanitary Drum Unloader features an on-demand workflow capability and can also be taken apart quickly for applications that require frequent sanitation. Available in double ball and priming piston designs for additional system flexibility.

-Evacuation rates of up to 4 gpm (15 lpm) at 60 cpm
-600 psi (41 bar, 4.1 MPa), outlet pressure
-One size follower plate and seal to accommodate straight-sided and tapered drums
-Sanitary flange clamps for quick disassembly

-Mascara base
-Tomato paste
-Jam and jelly
-Pharmaceutical lotion

-Unloading of somewhat flowable to moderately flowable fluids, from the original 55-gallon containers without the need to reduce the viscocity through liquid injection

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