Drum/Bin Unloaders

Murzan ABDT-50

The Murzan ABDT-50 is the ultimate approach for unloading expensive beverage bases from drums.  The system practically eliminates costly residuals by lifting and rinsing the liner bag.  The water used for rinsing can be accounted for as part of the formula.

The Murzan ABDT-50 is a user-friendly system operated by means of a PLC and touch screen.  A single operator can easily control the whole unloading sequence.  Optional load cells integration makes the Murzan ABDT-50 a powerful batching system.

-Juice/Drink Concentrates
-Beverage Syrups
-Beverage Basis
-Tomato Paste


Technical Data
Stainless Steel 316L Non-Porous Wetted Parts, Pneumatic Operated with electric controls


3”, 4” outlet; CIP Capable; Various Diaphragms, Gaskets, and Check Valves types; Customizable

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